Beyond a Team

Service Operation

Our region-specific workforce is dedicated to delivering connectivity, billing, and local network support. Their commitment to providing services promptly sets us apart. With a substantial workforce, we excel in delivering services more efficiently than other providers in your area.

Office Admin

In case the local operator falls short of providing the desired service, please inform our office administrator. Every concern you raise is valuable to us. Please note that our services may be somewhat limited on Fridays and public holidays. Nevertheless, our office is accessible from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on other days.

Network Administrator

Our network admin addresses technical issues through remote support. We encourage customers to reach out directly using communication channels such as Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp and mobile text messages, as these platforms prove highly effective in resolving problems and providing swift support.


Over the past decade, FIBERX has consistently delivered state-of-the-art ISP, IoT, IT, and ITES solutions to its customers. Our clients trust our ability to provide stable and consistent connectivity solutions. Leveraging a cutting-edge backbone and infrastructure, we ensure minimal concerns for our clients in terms of dependability and reliability. When it comes to critical business inputs like Internet and related value-added services, Corporate Narayanganj recognizes FIBERX as the obvious choice.

With a dedicated team of over 100+ employees across the City Corporation area, we remain committed to serving both public and private B2B clients in Narayanganj.


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